About Us

Goodsurv is a service that rewards you for taking part in online market research by providing your honest opinions and feedback about products and services, advertising campaigns, new product concepts or anything else. Your views are highly sought after by organisations from all over the world, and Goodsurv helps you get rewarded for telling these companies what you think.

Joining Goodsurv is simple, quick and best of all FREE. You will automatically be entitled to receive surveys that, when completed correctly, will entitle you to a reward that can later be redeemed for one of our redemption options. The profile questions that you answer upon joining are specifically designed to insure that you receive only the most relevant surveys.

Get Rewarded

With Gifts, Sweepstakes Entries and More! If you participate every week, you will get rewards, and you can also get additional rewards and rewards for participating in surveys and special programs. The more you participate, the more you earn!

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